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Why Should I Read This?

Why have a graph of Retail Sales on a Real Estate blog? Well, what makes a great environment for the housing market in the Blue Ridge Region of Virginia? “Its The Economy” is not only a telling catch phrase, it is an incredibly informative economic website with up-to-the-minute analysis of the entire U.S economy! It is run by economist Jon Barsanti Jr.

The Great News

Barsanti’s headline on his latest November 2019 article says it all “Nine Months of Retail Sales greater than $500B – Here Comes #10″  One of the greatest takeaways is the incredible news about current retail sales in the United States “Last month we reported our ninth consecutive month of more than $500 billion in seasonally adjusted (SA) MARTS Retail sales.” He goes on to say “This month we should record up to $525 billion in sales and may report up to $530 billion in total sales.

This graph has incredible detail, but if you stand back and look at the growth in all of these sectors, you can see why the American consumer is encouraged, and has new confidence to also go out and buy a home. This is great news for the real estate market.

Jon Barsanti Jr. of is an economist who has been publishing articles regarding economics since 2014. He was also a REALTOR® for 15 years. Its The Economy

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