Special Home Loans For Doctors And Others

Special Home Loans For Doctors And Others Did you know there are special home loans for physicians and dentists? Did you know there are special loans for anyone who wants to buy and fix up a house with just one loan? Did you know there are special loans for anyone building a house who just … Continued

Another Estate Home Sold!

Another Estate Home Sold! Our Team just closed on the sale of another estate home where we represented the sellers. This was a home sale for clients who had a home still in the “probate” process of the estate of a loved one who had passed away. This is not the simplest kind of real … Continued

The Roanoke Valley Hits The Bigtime!

Roanoke & Virginia Hit The Bigtime! Two recent articles in national publications have put Roanoke & Virginia on the map. 1) IN THE TOP 10 JOB MARKETS In June 2018, USA Today in conjunction with Zippia, a San Mateo, CA-based job search site, ranked Roanoke Number 10 in their “Top 10 Job Markets For 2018“.  … Continued

6 Things To Consider When Rehabbing Homes…

If you’re thinking about doing property rehabs, this blog post will reveal 6 things to consider when executing an investment property rehab in The Roanoke Valley – these could determine whether you succeed or struggle! Rehabbing a property is a lot of fun. But there are pitfalls you’ll face as you acquire, rehab, and sell … Continued

What are Closing Costs Exactly in The Roanoke Valley?

You’ve likely heard about closing costs, but do you know everything that they include? Buying and selling a home is usually the largest transaction anyone will make in a lifetime. Check out our closing cost “FAQ” for a breakdown of the different costs paid by home buyers and sellers to learn more about what closing … Continued

How to Move if Your House Hasn’t Sold Yet in VA

So you’ve found your dream home. There’s just one problem: You haven’t yet been able to sell your current house. So what do you do? In this article, we hope to help you figure out how to move if your house hasn’t sold yet in VA. Moving can be tough when you are trying to … Continued

Should You Rent or Buy in The Roanoke Valley?

Are you trying to decide whether you should rent or buy a house in The Roanoke Valley? In our latest post, we offer some questions to ask yourself to help you make the decision! Like many people, you might find yourself on the fence, trying to figure out if you should rent or buy a home … Continued

5 Hot Summer Home Selling Tips in The Roanoke Valley

With summer coming up, sellers are wondering what’s the best way to sell their house in the summer and if there are tricks and tips they can use to sell this season. In this blog post, you’ll read 5 hot summer home selling tips in The Roanoke Valley… Summer is almost here (or maybe by the time … Continued

Home Buying Checklist | Living In Roanoke

The home buying process can seem overwhelming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right information and some preparation, the process can go smoothly and without any hiccups. In our latest post, we sum it all up for you with our home buying checklist. We want to help you find and purchase a great … Continued