2020 The Best Year

2020 The Best Year

The U.S. economy is incredible:
High home-builder confidence
New Home Sales
Low unemployment rate
Enormous Retail sales

2020 is shaping up to be possibly the best year The Blue Ridge Region has seen in 50 years. (Go ahead, click on any of these links. It’s all true!)

The numbers in the Roanoke Valley real estate market are also indicating a great 2020. Our 2019 number of homes sold blows out every year since 2005 (the hottest year on record), and our average price is the highest on record!

So, in mid-January, watch out for LivingInRoanoke.com’s 2019 Annual Roanoke Valley Market Snapshot, and our Q4 2019 Roanoke Valley Market Snapshot.

Stay tuned for the great news!

Homebuilder Confidence: CNBC.com
New Home Sales: Census.gov
Unemployment: Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS.com
Retail Sales: John Barsanti Jr., ItsTheEconomy.com

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