Buying A House? Demand These 3 Things From Your Agent In The Roanoke Valley

If you’re thinking about buying a house in The Roanoke Valley, and if you’re going to buy one with the help of an agent, make sure you get the service you need. 

An agent provides many different benefits and services and they should be focused on serving you and help you.

So, buying a house? Demand these 3 things from your agent in The Roanoke Valley. (And if you don’t get them, find another agent who can help you).

#1. Ask for their track record

Find out how great your agent will be in representing you. See if they can provide you with testimonials and success stories, or some other kind of indicator of how well they will represent you. Remember, they should be able to find you plenty of homes to tour, be able to negotiate the contract on your behalf, and take you as smoothly as possible to closing.

#2. Ask to look at lots of houses, multiple times

An agent wants to get you into a house as soon as they can. Although they want you to be happy, of course, they also want to minimize how long they take to work with you. Request that they spend all the time you need to find the right house, and go back to look again to be sure it is the home for you.

A great agent will offer to do this anyway, but a way to find your ideal house, ask to see lots of houses, and ask to see some of them houses more than once. The reason is simple: You need a comfort level with the home you are buying, and it is a huge investment, so ask your agent to show your favorite homes to you and your family several times.

Or, what if you look at ten houses and realize that you want to go back and look at the first house again? A great agent will be happy to do it!

#3. Ask to drive around the neighborhood

Agents can often be focused on houses and they forget all the other reasons you want to buy a house. For example, you might want to know that there are good schools and parks nearby for your children; so, ask your agent to show you a house and then drive around the neighborhood to view what the neighborhood is like. Both pieces of information are essential for you to make an informed decision. Of course, it is a great idea to take your own time to drive through the neighborhood, and maybe even get out and walk around, to see how much you like it.


Agents are not all the same. Some will do more for you and some will do less. But if you want an agent to serve you make sure you know ahead of time what you want and ask the agent if they’ll do it. If you want excellent representation in The Roanoke Valley… give our team a call at 540-777-7000 and you’ll love finding the home of your dreams!

If you want to buy a house in The Roanoke Valley we can help you with that. Click here now and fill out the form or call our office at 540-777-7000.

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